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Pool Opening

Prime Time Pool really is #1 in pools!

If you haven't opened your pool yet, Call Prime Time pool for a quick start!

Prime Time pool will:
  • Remove your cover
  • Remove winter plugs and Gizzmos
  • Start up filtration system
  • Install diving boards, ladders, hand rails & pool cleaners
  • Winter cover is washed, folded & stored
  • Start-up chemicals added include shock, algecide, & water balancing

Customer must remove water from cover
Above Ground with No Deck ....$$$Call
Above Ground with Deck .........$$$Call
In-Ground Vinyl ........................$$$Call
In-Ground Gunite .....................$$$Call

Call Prime Time Pool and have it done right!

Keep your pool water clean and balanced so it will last a lifetime.

Getting your pool started

It's really amazing how many customers come to us for help with water quality. Many other pool dealers sell pools, but don't have any idea how to help people get started or what to do if the water turns color! Help is here- Rogers Pools has the answers to your questions, as well as the chemicals available to get you and your family back in the swim... TODAY!

Prime Time Pool Start-up Guide:
1. Check the PH of the pool water. Add PLUS if below 7.2, or add MINUS if above 7.8.
2. Shock Treat at night. Run filter overnight & vacuum as needed. Bromine shocks allow swimming immediately.
3. Add ALGAECIDE to pool per directions on bottle.
4. Add CHLORINE to kill any bacteria in the pool.
5. Add STABILIZER directly to pool skimmer, and replace tablets when they dissolve.

Once the pool water tests normal, add chlorine weekly to maintain balances. If your water begins to cloud, or turn color, call us to test your pool water, we will apply the proper chemicals and your family can get back to swimming in crystal clear water.

Each pool, situation, and water test is unique. Save yourself the time and hassle, and bring us a water sample and we'll help you keep crystal clear pool water ready for swimming! Remember- with 55 years of serving the Lowell area, there isn't a problem that you could run into that we can't solve.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Pool Service

Your swimming pool is your vacation oasis, enjoy your vacation time with friends and family while we maintain your swimming pool for you.

Contact us today and our staff will come to your home to test your pool water and make recommendations on what you need to keep friends and family safe or we can do all the work needed to clean and maintain your pool all at a reasonable cost.
Send us an email today, it costs nothing to contact us and get more information on how we can help you with your swimming pool today.

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