We can handle of all your pool care needs

You enjoy the pool and we do the work for you.

The pool care pages in the menu above are loaded with lots of technical jargon about water balance, chemicals, testing, and getting and keeping the water in your pool clean.

If all of the technical mumbo jumbo to much for you Prinmetime offers onsite pool water testing and full maintenance at a reasonable price to help you keep your pool running clean and clear all summer. Using our state of the art water testing equipment we can analyze your pool's water onsite and produce detailed reports with the correct chemicals and applications to help keep your pool running clear and clean.

Keeping Pool Water Clean

Here is the technical stuff on keeping your pool clean.

As you probably know, the occasional addition of new water or wholesale water replacement in rare cases, isn't enough to keep your pool water clean and clear of unwanted and often microscopic contaminants...

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Balanced Pool Water

Keep your family and friends protected.

There's more to taking care of a pool than just keeping the water clean. You also have to make sure the water is properly balanced...

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Testing Your Water

Testing your pool water is a must.

The subject of water testing may transport you back to the days when you were in school and final exams were approaching all too quickly for your comfort...

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Your swimming pool is your vacation oasis, enjoy your vacation time with friends and family while we maintain your swimming pool for you.

Contact us today and our staff will come to your home to test your pool water and make recommendations on what you need to keep friends and family safe or we can do all the work needed to clean and maintain your pool all at a reasonable cost.
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